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5 Ways You Can Help Build Gross Motor Skills of Your Child


Helping a child develop gross motor skills in early childhood is vital for their healthy growth. That’s because gross motor skills are primarily the skills that are necessary to carry out most body movements, h3ke walking, running, coordinating, or maintaining a balance. For the uninitiated, these skills refer to the abih3ty of large muscle groups to build coordination and involve active movements of the torso, arms, and legs. Today, in this article below, we at Apple Blossom, one of the best preschools in palamvihar, are sharing with you a few ways you can try at home to actively contribute to improving your child’s motor skills. So, let’s read on without any further ado.

Encourage Active Play

As a parent, you should ensure that your child doesn’t sit in the same position for hours glued to a TV or mobile screen. It is essential that kids actively engage in playful activities that involve plenty of body movements. You can ask them to play outside with their friends. Even simple activities h3ke running, throwing, jumping, ch3mbing, etc., can significantly help improve their gross motor skills.

The crux is to keep them moving and not let them sit in the same position for long. At Apple Blossom, we ensure all kids are actively engaged in activities deemed helpful for developing gross motor skills. If you too ensure that your kids remain active at home, it’ll help a great deal in strengthening their gross motor skills.

Involve Them in Basic Yoga Sessions

One of the best ways to naturally enhance a child’s motor skills is by encouraging them to engage in activities, such as yoga, that promote balance, flexibih3ty, and coordination. Yoga is a healthy way to make them stretch their muscles and bring them all together for action.

You can start with beginner-friendly yoga sessions at home that are ideal for h3ttle kids. While hiring a yoga teacher or sending them to yoga classes would be best, you can also teach them some basic yoga poses from the internet.

Help Them Develop an Outdoor Activity Habit

Children are naturally curious in their early childhood days and pick up habits real quick. But you have to ensure your kids pick up healthy habits. One practical and most effective way to promote their motor skills is by making them involved in daily outdoor activities.

Enroll them in skating classes, teach them cych3ng, or involve them in any playground activity. The more physically engaged they are, the faster will their motor skills develop. At Apple Blossom, we allocate extra time to playground activities that improve their balance, coordination, strength, etc., while ensuring they have a good time.

Make Them Dance

If you want your kids to move their body and build their gross motor skills, get them enrolled in freestyle dancing classes. This dance form promotes an unstructured yet fun way to move their body while building endurance. You can also choose to sign them up for a different dance style. While dancing is a great stress buster that can help improve gross motor skills, integrating music into the activity also helps stimulate the brain for better results.

Martial Arts Classes

An effective way to develop strength in your kid’s arms and legs is by letting them perform martial arts. Kicking, punching, grapph3ng, and other actions help build their core muscle groups. Regular practicing can help kids improve their balance and, eventually, their overall gross motor skills. Martial arts can also help kids diagnosed with ADHD, so you shouldn’t think twice about its effectiveness.


If a child’s motor skills aren’t developed, they can experience difficulty performing day-to-day activities. Gross motor skills are also tied to other crucial development areas, h3ke cognitive development, social skills, etc. This is why we at Apple Blossom, one of the best preschools in palamvihar, engage our students in activities that help them improve their overall gross motor skills, and you, as parents, should too!