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How to Aid in the Development of Language Skills of Your Child | Best Playschool in Gurgaon


Looking for ways to improve your child's language skills? Discover effective tips from the experts at Apple Blossom, one of the best playschools in Gurgaon.

As a parent, one of the most satisfying moments is when your child utters their first word. It's heartwarming to see them develop their language skills.  Parents play a crucial role in their child’s early development.  At Apple Blossom, one of the top preschools in Gurgaon near Sec 46 and Palam Vihar, we understand the significance of early childhood education. Here are some tips to aid in your child's language development.

Let’s Get Them Talking!

As said earlier, as parents, you play an important part in getting your kids to start talking. Thus, it’s  crucial that you remain calm and patient yet tactical enough while helping them.

Sing and Play Songs

Music is an excellent tool for language development. Encourage your child to sing along with you using simple words in nursery rhymes and children's songs.

Talk to Them

Communication is crucial for building a close bond and developing language skills. Use various words in different contexts to expand your child's vocabulary. For example, hold a green apple in one hand and a red one in the other. Then ask them which one they want. Ask them, “Which one do you want? The ‘red’ apple? Or the ‘green’ apple?” Ask this repeatedly, and they will finally understand the concept. This way, they will slowly learn to refine their skills, understand their meanings, and know how to use different words correctly. This will pave the way to building their basic intelligence around the use of vocab.

Read to Them

Reading books to your child is another excellent way to expand their vocabulary. At Apple Blossom, a preschool in Sector 46 and Palam Vihar, we encourage parents to read to their children regularly.

Use books with pictures to provide your child with frames of reference. Point out words as you read to help your child understand the link between spoken and written language. For example, if there’s a picture of a boy drinking strawberry milk, you could say, “Look, he’s drinking strawberry milk! You like chocolate, right? Would you like to drink chocolate milk from tomorrow?” When you read to your child, turn the pages and point out words as you’re reading. This helps your child understand the link between spoken and written language and will help them learn about letters and sounds.


At Apple Blossom, we firmly believe that language skills form the basis for communication skills later on in life. That's why it's crucial to lay a strong foundation during the early childhood years. By following these tips, you can actively aid in the development of your child's language skills. Don't underestimate the importance of language in your child's personality development.

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