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Easy Ways to Hone the Computation Skills of Your Pre-schooler


Early childhood is an important period for cognitive development, and computation skills are an integral part of it. Computation skills involve understanding and applying basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. A strong foundation in computation skills is crucial to sustaining in today’s environment. And you, as parents, can play a significant role in nurturing these skills in your pre-schoolers.

At Apple Blossom, one of the best preschool in Palam Vihar, we believe young children have an innate ability and an undying curiosity to learn things. As such, introducing them to computational skills at a young age is the best idea. Thus, if you’re looking for practical and effective ways to teach your pre-schoolers the basics of computational skills and also hone them, we are sharing here a few ways for you which will come to your aid in honing the computation skills of your little ones. 

Take the Play Way

We at Apple Blossom have observed that pre-schoolers generally love engaging in interactive games that subtly teach them basic computation skills. There are plenty of math games you can introduce your child to, but pattern recognition games, counting games, and addition and subtraction games are the best. These games can help develop and improve your pre-schoolers’ computational skills and can also help build their concentration and memory.

For counting games, you can rely on blocks, toys, or even use food items to teach children how to count. Addition & subtraction can be taught by playing card games, dice, and even board games. Pattern recognition can be best learned with puzzles. Ensure you experiment with each to see what works the best.

Use Interesting Visual Aid

Another fun way to teach pre-schoolers the basics of computational skills is by using visual aid. You can use any toy, block set, or pictures that can be used to teach addition, subtraction, counting, etc. Using blocks of different shades can make it easier for the child to visualize numbers and do simple addition problems. For example, asking your kid to count the number of blue colored blocks and red colored blocks, then adding them together to find the total number of blocks, can be a fun exercise.

You can similarly use pictures to build computational skills in your child. For example, ask your children to spot two apples, then ask them to show three more. You can also get creative with a visual aid to help instill computational skills in fun ways. At Apple Blossom, we often use a visual aid to teach young kids computational skills, and it has helped us reap incredible results.

Incorporate Math into Daily Activities

Kids tend to learn things faster when they aren’t forced into learning. Hence, parents should look for creative ways of incorporating maths into their daily lives. An easy way to improve your child’s computation skills is by asking him/her to count the total number of a particular fruit in the kitchen basket. You can also engage them for help while measuring ingredients for preparing a particular dish.

These simple activities can help familiarize your kids with numbers and basic computational skills, preparing them for the advanced learning stage. The more fun and creative the teaching activities, the better it is. Additionally, you can also teach your pre-schoolers how to count money as an effective way to get better at computational skills. If you don’t want to use real currency notes, you can get a game that involves paper notes for teaching purposes.


There are plenty of ways to teach computational skills to pre-schoolers; you have to find the ones that work best for your kids. At Apple Blossom, ranked among the best preschool in Palam Vihar, we use different methods to keep kids’ interests intact while teaching computational skills to them. However, we strongly believe that if parents can too join in the wagon, by the time your kids move to primary school, their computational abilities will be strong enough. So go ahead, start with the ways discussed above, and we are pretty much certain you won’t be disappointed.