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5 Foundational Skills You Must Inevitably Teach Your Kids


“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” – Bob Talbert

As a parent, you play a critical role in shaping your child’s future. It’s up to you to prepare them for the challenges that they will inevitably face as they grow and develop. While there are countless skills that your child will need to learn over time, there are certain foundational skills that are particularly important. These are the skills that will help your child navigate the complexities of life, build healthy relationships, and achieve their goals.

In this blog today, we at Apple Blossom, regarded as one of the best playschool in Palam Vihar, will explore five of the most important foundational skills that you must inevitably teach your kids. Whether your child is just starting out on their educational journey or is already well on their way, these skills will help them succeed in all areas of life.

Effective Communication Skills

Irrespective of the career you want your kids to pursue, effective communication will play a vital role in it. The art of concisely and effectively expressing one’s feelings and thoughts can help individuals build healthy relationships and resolve conflicts. Since it is a tough skill to master, we would like to recommend you to start working on honing your kid’s communication skills from a young age. Teach them the best ways to speak clearly, listen actively, and communicate respectfully.


Another foundational skill parents must teach their children is self-discipline. It is the ability to control one’s impulses and behavior to achieve long-term goals. We at Apple Blossom have seen that kids who make self-discipline a part of their lifestyle from a young age tend to be better equipped to maintain healthy habits, achieve academic success, and make responsible decisions.

There are numerous ways to inculcate self-discipline in young children, the most effective methods are teaching them to stay focused, prioritize tasks, set goals, and never give up on things they want to achieve.

Problem-Solving Skills

Whatever stage of life one reaches, problem-solving skills will always be required. These skills are crucial in helping children identify, analyze, and design solutions to whatever problem life throws at them.

No matter how much you deny it, the fact is that even kids have to face challenges in their daily life, and they need sound problem-solving skills to overcome them. This is, in fact, one of the key reasons why we at Apple Blossom encourage our young buds to develop a solution-focused mind, not a problem-oriented one.

Parents can also actively contribute to developing problem-solving skills in children by enabling them to think critically, break complex problems into smaller bits, and effectively brainstorm solutions. Kids should understand that setbacks and mistakes are often opportunities for learning and growth.


A skill you will never regret teaching your kids is developing resilience. Simply put, resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Resilient children have sharp minds, and they always focus on finding a solution to a problem rather than only focusing on the problem.

Resilience teaches children to better handle stress, anxiety, challenges, etc. It collectively helps them to achieve their goal. So, ideally, you, as parents, should teach your kids to focus on their strengths and abilities that can help them preserve in the face of challenges.

Emotional Intelligence

We at Apple Blossom firmly believe that emotional intelligence is another fundamental skill that’s extremely important for a kid’s overall success and growth. Emotionally intelligent children can better recognize, understand, and manage the emotions of others and themselves. Since emotionally intelligent kids are also highly resilient, they can handle stress and face challenges better.

They can also build better relationships and efficiently achieve their set goals. Thus, we at Apple Blossom, one of the best playschool in Palam Vihar, would like to suggest the parents to start teaching their kids ways to identify emotions, express their feelings, and manage them in a healthy way. This will help nurture emotional intelligence qualities in them.


Kids don’t understand what’s right or wrong for them at a young age. It is why parents are required to make the best decisions on their behalf. If you want your kids to become successful in life, you should encourage them to develop and hone certain skills beyond academics. If you teach them the skills discussed above, they’ll eventually get a step ahead of others.