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How to Aid in the Development of Language Skills of Your Child?

Apart from the day your child is born, one of the most satisfying days is the one when your child utters his/her first word. Doesn’t your heart melt, and you only feel like hugging the little one and planting a big fat kiss on his/her chubby cheek? Well, we understand that all parents wait for this day. However, do you know kids don’t start speaking unless parents also play their part? Yes, you, the parents, play a crucial role in developing the language skills of your kids. How?

Well, that’s what you are going to find out in this article today. Let us from Apple Blossom, one of the best playschools in Gurgaon, help you go through this exciting journey in a simple way. Hopefully, you’ll gather the necessary knowledge from these tips and use them to build the communication abilities of your little bundle of joy. Let’s move on, shall we?

Let’s Get Them Talking!

As said earlier, as parents, you play an important part in getting your kids to start talking. Thus, it is important that you remain calm and patient yet tactical enough while helping them attain this crucial skill. What do we mean by that? Let’s find out:

  • Sing To Them/Play Songs or Nursery Rhymes: Music truly can make a big difference. It’s not just about them listening to their favorite songs or you singing nursery rhymes for prolonged periods; it also has an impact on how well children communicate and learn. When children repeatedly hear the words used in the songs/rhymes, they try to pronounce them too. Now, the best part about children’s songs and rhymes is that the words used in them are very simple to pronounce. This makes it easy for the kids to grasp them and emulate them over time. This forms a solid basis for their basic vocal skills. So, keep those tunes on and encourage your kids to hum along with!
  • Talk To Them: Talking is essential for the two of you to develop a close bond. This not just makes them listen to you with intent, but in time, they’ll begin putting in efforts to speak to you as well. Thus, treating them as talkers is essential for their benefit. You can use many kinds of words and use them in different contexts. You can also teach them about the same type of objects, but with minute differences. For example, hold a green apple in one hand and a red one in the other. Then ask them which one they want. Ask them, “Which one do you want? The ‘red’ apple? Or the ‘green’ apple?” Ask this repeatedly, and they will finally understand the concept. This way, they will slowly learn to refine their skills, understand their meanings, and know how to use different words correctly. This will pave the way to building their basic intelligence around the use of vocab.
  • Read To Them:  Reading books to your child can help them develop and expand their vocabulary base. In fact, studies have revealed that those kids who are constantly read to till the age of 5 get exposed to around 1.4 million more words than those who don’t.

It has been seen that if a certain word is new to children and they find it many times in a book, it will help them learn the word and understand how it works in different contexts. There are other ways also, like using books with pictures. These provide the children with frames of reference and are very useful. For example, if there’s a picture of a boy drinking strawberry milk, you could say, “Look, he’s drinking strawberry milk! You like chocolate, right? Would you like to drink chocolate milk from tomorrow?” When you read to your child, turn the pages and point out words as you’re reading. This helps your child understand the link between spoken and written language and will help them learn about letters and sounds.

Parting Words…

At Apple Blossom, ranked as the best playschools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that language skills in children form the basis for their communication skills later on. As such, it is very important that a strong framework of language abilities is laid right during the early childhood years. To that end, giving heed to the points mentioned above will surely help you play an active role in the development of language skills in your kids. We assure you that the steps taken in the right direction will surely bear rich fruit in no time. After all, language is an important aspect of an individual’s personality, and we are very much certain you wouldn’t want such an important area to go unnoticed.