Patron-Apple Blossom

Having begun his career as a lecturer of Economics at St. Stephens College, Delhi, Mr. N.K. Singh remains at heart an academician and an educationist despite an illustrious career as a civil servant and political leader. Currently Member of Rajya Sabha, and former Finance Secretary and Member Planning, Mr. Singh has been associated with several educational institutions and serves as Chairman, Management Development Institute, and Member, Governing Body of Nalanda University. Mr. Singh is also currently Visiting Fellow and Guest Lecturer at Stanford University, INSEAD and various universities in Japan and Singapore. At home, he continues to push for legislation for education reforms inside the Parliament.

With Apple Blossom Mr. Singh sees an opportunity to make a difference in the most crucial stage of a child’s developmental graph. All efforts to improve higher education ultimately hinge on the inputs provided in the early years where the role of specialist educators and caretakers is being recognized more than ever before. Apple Blossom is inspired by Mr. Singh’s vision and hope for a school that is able to provide an enabling environment for young learners in their earliest years.


— Mr. N.K. Singh
(Patron-Apple Blossom)