Director's Desk

The Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok success story is a testimonial to the passion, commitment and leadership of its Pro-Vice Chairperson Ms. Meenakshi Singh, the captain of the Apple Blossom ship. Convinced that little children need a specialized learning environment for optimum learning and growth to take place, she embarked upon the mission to create this beautiful separate space called Apple Blossom.

An educationist with the spirit of a pioneer and a far-reaching vision, Ms. Singh brings to the school a wealth of administrative experience and a well proven skill set. She believes that the foremost focus of a school for the very young should be to provide each child love and positive reinforcement and to build self-esteem in order to reach his/her potential. Apple Blossom is therefore committed to providing the young children a pre-school experience which takes care of their social and emotional development as much as their numeracy and literacy skills on which rests the edifice of life-long learning. In the words of Ms. Singh, “Children must be provided opportunities to learn through play, observation and experimentation. It is paramount that we provide an atmosphere that fosters a love of learning so that when they are poised to enter the big school, they are ready for the challenge.”


— Ms Meenakshi Singh
(Director-Apple Blossom)